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Our Products

Compressed Pine Wood Shavings

Wiki Wood Works offers only premium quality pure pine shavings for maximum cushioning and excellent absorbency. Sterile and essentially dust-free, our fresh, natural pine is ideal for your horse and easier on your budget than many alternative bedding materials. 

Wiki Wood Works manufactured Pine Shavings are made from 100% organic pine wood logs imported from USA, that contain low moisture and shavings are screened multiple times to remove dust.

 Wiki Wood Works Pine wood shavings are free from chemicals such as stains, glue resins, sealants, or wood fillers as other bedding products. Our low moisture, low dust flakes are the highest quality, fluffiest, and most absorbent bedding you can provide for your horse. 

Wiki Wood Works ultra-compressed packaging offers more expanded cubic feet per bale. Our bales are 15 KG in weight, compressed to 2.15 Cubic feet, with spread Volume of around 8 Cubic feet which means fewer bales needed per stall and fewer bales needed to store means savings in bales and shipping costs. Compare the actual expanded cubic foot volume of Wiki Wood Works Bedding bales to other horse bedding products which are typically compressed. 

When you want the very best horse bedding for the health and comfort of your horse, and the very best value choose Wiki Wood Works Pine Shavings.



Ultra-easy to clean

Exceptionally easy to clean and muck out.


Maximum absorption to keep completely dry and ultra-confortable.

Save time and money

Maximum quality, absorbency and cleanliness at unbeatable prices.

Minimal Dust

Precious-screened three times to ensure minimal dust and the highest quality and consistency possible.

All-natural and organic soft wood

Only with real wood, a renewable resource. They are also organic, recycable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Only pure wood shavings

Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, like glue or varnish, which appear with second-transformation shavings.

Saw Dust

Wiki Wood Works wood saw dust have been specially designed for poultry, chicks and other birds. At less than 4mm, the big size is readily filtered and removed from the saw dust. Pure Pine softwood as raw material

  • Moisture content 12-18%. Avg. 15%.
  • Dust free, No bacteria
  • Greatly reduces the risk of accidental rolling.
  • Will not carry easily into the feed or the drinkers.
  • Improved thermal properties, warm & comfortable.
  • Easy to use, a bedding suitable for use in most spreading equipment.